Hello, everyone! My name is Sally. I love home living so much since I was a kid, even though my profession is not even about it. In my free time, I like to try DIY crafts and share it through my writings. I love being useful to everyone that is why sharing is really amusing for me.

This is my personal blog. On this site, I intend to collect considerations, articles, everything I want to share with my readers. Oh, yeah and I am a graphic designer and web designer. You can also find articles on design, web, communication.

I’m a passionate reader (when it’s time to go) especially for books and comics, and you’ll find reviews and advice (or disapproval) of what I read. I’m a kitchen appetiser, so I’ll show you my recipes too, or my reviews about the restaurant.

I’m a nephropathy with polycystic kidney, recently dialectically transplanted, and you will also find my experiences and advice based on what I have been through all this time.

Sharing what I could share with anyone makes me feel like I’m worthy. I want to give so many things to the world through my writings. That is why, please enjoy my writings!